sandy calderone

web design

Web 130 A2:

This assignment is to consist of 6 files. Two image, two animation, and 2 audio.

In the two images I used Gimp to make a BANNER ad and a EFFECT logo. The banner ad was made with an architectural photograph that was adjusted  and layered with text and clip art. The effect logo was made with an architectural photograph , a manual drag effect and layered text. 

The two animations files are made in Flash. To date this is my first and only experience with animation; however, I plan on taking another class in the spring that is all about animation, as this is a huge part of web design. I found the Flash program to be a large monster of a program, that really does require perhaps years of learning. FLASH one is of  an ocean scene with moving seaweed ,fish an logo. This involved a time line and multiple layers. FLASH two  is of planets in rotation around the sun. This involved drag and drop of planet pictures, time lines, snap - to orbits,etc.